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Where your money goes

We work hard to make sure your donations achieve the best results. Your generosity means that animals have a voice, and with your support many lives will be saved.
Animal rescue, welfare and animal care – 48%
Education – 5%
Village and facility operating expenses, maintenance, training, admin and other expenses – 32%
Generating income and getting our message out to communities – 15%

For more information on what your donations achieve, please download our annual report.

What your money achieves through us

Rescue and Recovery
24/7 our Inspectors help animals in distress and investigate countless cases of animal cruelty. Every year, Inspectors investigate over 2,500 complaints about cruelty and attend hundreds of emergencies.  We are responsible for upholding the Animal Welfare Act and our Inspectors have the power to remove animals where that animal has been a victim of cruelty.

Seeking Justice
Sadly those that harm animals not only break the law but also break the spirit of the animals. As guardians of the animals, we seek justice for the animals. Each year we take people to court, and fight for justice for animals that have been neglected and abused.

Expert Veterinary Care
Our Animal Hospital helps thousands of animals suffering from neglect or abuse each year. Taking into account the animal’s health and physical wellbeing, stray animals are then held for a period of seven days, giving owners an opportunity to reunite with their missing pet. All our animals must pass a health and temperament assessment before they are offered for adoption.

Through our adoption programme we find loving homes for as many animals as we can. And for every animal that is housed at the Animal Village there are many more orphaned, sick and injured animals being cared for by our dedicated team of foster volunteers until they are healthy and ready for adoption.

Campaigning to Reduce Unwanted Animals
SPCA Auckland receives thousands of abandoned and unwanted animals every year. A large majority of these are kittens and puppies. The only way to stop this flood of unwanted animals and pet overpopulation is for people to have animals de-sexed. Through programmes at the Animal Village and in the community, we work hard to promote de-sexing.

Educating Hearts and Minds
The SPCA Auckland firmly believes that education is one of the key ways to prevent cruelty to animals. When children learn about animal welfare, they learn about kindness, compassion and respect. Every year we reach out and engage with young people and other members of our community about animal care and welfare issues through our education programmes.

Outreach Therapy Pets Programme
Animals reduce stress and depression, provide exercise opportunities and real companionship. The unconditional love animals demonstrate is unique. The Outreach Therapy Pets programme is a joint venture between the SPCA Auckland and St John’s. Through this programme we bring pets and their human volunteers together with young and old alike in the community.