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How we raise money

To make sure everyone can give a way that is right for them, we offer many different ways for you to support us.
Our supporters come from all walks of life and are aged from 1 to 101!  As you are so diverse we know you like to give to us in lots of different ways.  To make sure everyone can give in a way that that is right for them, we offer many different ways to for you to support us.

We’re very grateful to our corporate sponsors and to the trusts and foundations that support us.  But most of the money that we receive comes from ordinary people who like us, just love animals.  We are very fortunate to receive a lot of bequests – without the generous gifts given to us in this way we simply could not survive.  

We offer the choice of making a one time donation or through our Hope programme the opportunity to make a monthly gift.  Some people prefer to give to a specific request, which we do through direct mail letter and via appeals on line.  While others are happy to put the change in a charity box or give generously to our bucket rattlers.

Other people want to know more about the SPCA Auckland and face to face fundraising out and about in the region. This team of skilled fundraisers are paid to help us raise more donations and are a great way of reaching out to more people, and talking about the work of the SPCA Auckland.  We are members of the PFRA Public Fundraising Regulatory Association.
Our generous volunteers undertake a huge range of fundraisers activities such as marching (with their pets of course!) in local Christmas parades, sizzling sausages, baking cupcakes, holding concerts and events, running races and sky jumping (plus much more!) all to help raise money for animals.
The SPCA Auckland can only continue the work we do saving animals lives because of the donations we receive.  If you ever have concerns about any of fundraising activities, please let us know.  We confident we can resolve any concerns quickly.  In the first instance please contact the Fundraising Manager by phoning 09 256 7300