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He's lost his sight, but not his spirit

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Event date: 01/07/2014

You can’t help but smile when you spend time with Charlie. He’s one of those cats that just loves people. Loves cuddles, loves a scratch behind his left ear… loves to eat! In so many ways Charlie is just like a normal kitten. The only difference is, Charlie is blind.

Charlie was brought into the SPCA Auckland Hospital by a member of the public. Charlie was the neighbours cat and they had become increasing concerned about his eyes. Although he was a healthy weight, both Charlie’s eyes were very sunken and he clearly had an infection that needed treating. Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to get Charlie the immediate help he needed. We had a vet check him over and give him medication for his eye, and we were able to give him a warm bed and shelter while I investigated his story further.

As senior Inspector, I was asked to follow up the case. I discovered that Charlie was one of 10 cats on the property. The owners had noticed that Charlie was sick, but didn’t understand the consequences of cat flu, and were not able to afford to take him to the vet. I spent time talking to them about caring for cats, and their obligations under the animal welfare act. I also made it very clear that failing to provide medical treatment was a breach of the act, and they could face court action.

In the end Charlie’s owners decided to surrender all the cats into the care of SPCA Auckland and I gave them a formal written warning that will stay on record. People ask me why we don’t prosecute every case we see. For us, it’s about getting the right outcome for the animals involved. Sometimes that isn’t a lengthy court case. Sometimes it’s educating people, and ensuring the safety of all animals on the property. It’s a sad reality, but this injury was a result of ignorance, not malice. I now know that all the cats are safe, and I will continue to monitor the property to ensure they don’t get any more animals they are unable to care for.

What makes this story even sadder is we know that Charlie wasn’t born blind, and if he’d had access to proper vet care, this almost certainly wouldn’t have happened. At SPCA Auckland we receive so many young kittens struggling with flu. Without the support of donors like you, we wouldn’t be able to give them the treatment they need to get well, and most importantly give them the vaccinations they need to help keep them healthy. By donating today, you can help kittens like Charlie get a second chance at life. You can give them a chance to find a loving forever home.

I knew when Charlie’s owners signed him over to SPCA Auckland that the outcome might not be good. For adult cats, losing their sight is a trauma they do not recover from. Without sight, they have no idea of their surroundings, and what dangers lie ahead. They are constantly fearful of being attacked, end up hiding in a corner, never relaxing or enjoying life.

I am so pleased this is not the case for Charlie. Being removed from the world he knew, surrounded by strange people hasn’t fazed him. I guess he is just one of those cats that are always willing to trust. I like to think that he knows he’s safe with us, and that we will do all we can do make sure he finds the right family. I know the SPCA team will do all they can to find him a great home that will give him all the love this sweet little boy deserves

Charlie still has a long way to go. He is still battling with flu and is currently out at foster care recovering. He has been to see an eye specialist and will need an operation before he can be put up for adoption. But the outlook is positive.

By donating today you can ensure that cats like Charlie receive the medical care they need to get well. It will mean that our Inspectors can be out on the road 24/7 helping to protect Auckland’s animals in need.

$30 provides Charlie with a warm bed and shelter
$65 vaccinates a cat from flu
$105 will help keep an Inspector no the road, rescuing an animal in need.

Please give generously and help give animals like Charlie, a second chance.

My Online Sponsors To Date
07/01/2014 Ken & Masami $60.00 Get well Charlie!!!
29/08/2013 Carolyn $25.00 Get well soon Charlie
26/08/2013 Sobana Balakrishnan $50.00
02/08/2013 Mikayla $20.00 Beautiful cat, hope she finds a great home, xxx
22/06/2013 Jessica Chalmers $50.00 Good luck on recovering Charlie :) Keep up the amazing work SPCA officers :)
14/06/2013 Belinda $30.00
28/05/2013 Linsey Duckett $30.00 Lots of love x
25/04/2013 David & Trudie $100.00 Wishing you a fast recovery! David & Trudie and our fluffies, Jessie, Alli,Molly,Kaylee,Benny&Chester
20/04/2013 Lee M $50.00
19/04/2013 pete $50.00 you seem a strong little guy take care there is always someone watching over you
10/04/2013 Ester $10.00
09/04/2013 Deb, Sandy, Jack n Duds $25.00 Thank you SPCA,,, hoping Charlie and all the animals in your care find their forever homes as Dudley did with us...
09/04/2013 In memory of Zak $10.00 The power of the spirit of love overcomes even the most difficult things life throws at us.
09/04/2013 Linda $30.00 In memory of my gogeous cat Mac
07/04/2013 Janak Patel $25.00
06/04/2013 Winnie $100.00 We're making this donation in memory of Winnie, our very loved pet cat that passed away last weekend
05/04/2013 Anon $20.00
05/04/2013 Mike Kumar $15.00
02/04/2013 ANON $50.00
31/03/2013 Theo $20.00
30/03/2013 Grumpy $50.00 Good Luck Charlie
29/03/2013 shane $30.00
29/03/2013 andrew $20.00
28/03/2013 Robin Duke $50.00 Bless you dear Charlie and get better soon. I hope you find your special forever home soon.
28/03/2013 ECL IT $40.00
28/03/2013 Trish $100.00 Sad this should happen to any animal, go SPCA, love you guys :)
27/03/2013 K Gould-Thorpe $50.00 You are in good hands, all the best Charlie xxx
27/03/2013 Margaret and Vic $50.00 I hope all the kittens find loving homes and families to care for them
27/03/2013 Sonnie and Toffee $50.00 Charlie was Toffee's old name and he is also ginger! I wish you all the best Charlie :3
25/03/2013 Lorraine Warshaw $50.00 You're in the best hands possible, Charlie. Lucky boy!
25/03/2013 leigh carmichael $50.00 Good luck sweet boy. Thanks SPCA for all your good work.
25/03/2013 Aimee-lee $10.00 Get well soon Charlie xoxo
25/03/2013 Tara $30.00
24/03/2013 Jo $50.00 xxxx
24/03/2013 Anne $50.00 a brave little puss, will really bless someone in his forever home!and thankyou to his brave minder.
24/03/2013 Michael $10.00
24/03/2013 Antje $100.00
23/03/2013 Carryanne $20.00 Be brave and get well soon Charlie
23/03/2013 Urvashi $5.00
23/03/2013 Charlies aunt $50.00
23/03/2013 Anabelle $199.00 Good luck for your operation Charlie. Thank you SPCA for the wonderful, inspiring work that you do.
23/03/2013 Irene Ritchie $20.00
23/03/2013 Rel $50.00 Cuddles for Charlie x
22/03/2013 Hannah $20.00 Go Charlie!
22/03/2013 Phillippa $50.00 Good luck Charlie, you are beautiful!
22/03/2013 Rebecca Cannan $50.00 Charlie is adorable, hope he finds a great home.
22/03/2013 Nicholson Family $10.00 Good luck Charlie
22/03/2013 Andrey $10.00 Sorry little boy, that's all i can afford. Also supporting animals in wellington
22/03/2013 Sue $110.00
22/03/2013 Angela $100.00 Wee cats like you teach us humans great lessons in life to accept and give luv no matter what
22/03/2013 Veren $20.00
22/03/2013 Trisha $50.00
22/03/2013 Christine Leach $30.00 No animal should suffer with flu, get better soon Charlie & find that loving forever home! xoxo
22/03/2013 Carol $10.00 Good luck little cat!
22/03/2013 Jane Hastings $50.00 Always a good cause, thank you SPCA staff for being so wonderful to our animals.
22/03/2013 Roz $30.00 For brave little Charlie and all the others like you
22/03/2013 Tony Sheppard $50.00 I cant imagine what hell Charlie has been thru
22/03/2013 Jan $100.00 You are very cute!!! Get well soon
22/03/2013 A.I. $16.00 please take good care of Charlie...
22/03/2013 Jesus $15.00 Woo! God Bless this cause
22/03/2013 Cand'e $30.00 Keep up the good work, I hope Charlie gets the wonderful home he deserves, he's adorable.
22/03/2013 Frankie,Jeff & Yoko $50.00 Little Charlie, wish you get well soon and all the best for your future.
22/03/2013 Marion $25.00
22/03/2013 Nicola $30.00 Charlie, here's to you finding the warm loving home you deserve x
22/03/2013 Julie $30.00 keep up the good work!
22/03/2013 Jess Chang $20.00 lots of support & love for Charlie xx
22/03/2013 Jacqueline Kemp $40.00 Get well soon Charlie, lots of love & cuddles x
22/03/2013 Aidan Devina $20.00
22/03/2013 LORRAINE $50.00
22/03/2013 Sheila $200.00
22/03/2013 rj $50.00
22/03/2013 Simone $50.00 cute paws!
22/03/2013 kyra $15.00 so glad that you have loving people around you Charlie...get better soon x
22/03/2013 Miss McAwesome $10.00 Get well Charlie
22/03/2013 Parussaya $10.00
22/03/2013 Lisa P $40.00 You guys do amazing work. Charlie is a battler! I put my hand up to take him home :-)
22/03/2013 Georjarna $10.00 Get well Charlie!!!
22/03/2013 Rosie McComish $10.00 Get well little tiger! xox
22/03/2013 Jo $100.00 The staff and volunteers at SPCA are just amazing. A big thank you to everyone!
22/03/2013 Ngatai Rudolph $20.00 Poor student doesn't need a bottle of wine tonight...here you go Charlie, hope it helps handsome boy xo
22/03/2013 Jess Bradley $20.00
22/03/2013 Stasia $15.00 Sending my love to all dear cats of New Zealand xx
22/03/2013 Olivia Graham $50.00 I love the work the SPCA does.
22/03/2013 Heather and Steve $20.00
22/03/2013 Fi $20.00 Keep up the good work and cuddles to Charlie!
22/03/2013 Holly $30.00
22/03/2013 Stacey Murdoch $20.00
20/03/2013 Starla Sadd $5.00 Aww! Get better cutie!
20/03/2013 Viv Lo $25.00 get well soon
19/03/2013 Annette $10.00 Get well soon Charlie. Just a little donation but hope it helps. X
19/03/2013 Ann Perry $50.00 You are a beautiful boy, Charlie. Take care.
18/03/2013 Stacy Liu $100.00
18/03/2013 Sheree $20.00
16/03/2013 YSK $150.00
16/03/2013 Asik & Donald $30.00 Get better soon sweet little boy!
16/03/2013 Breigh Fouhy $20.00
15/03/2013 Janak Patel $25.00
14/03/2013 PJS $10.00
13/03/2013 Shenika $10.00 Hope you will see the world soon Charlie. U r in our prayers.Love
12/03/2013 Alina $20.00
12/03/2013 Crazy cat lady $5.00 Hope this bit helps out Charlie and I hope he gets better
12/03/2013 Chanel LS $50.00 To all the Charlie's out there: I wish I could wrap you all up in love and safety. You deserve only care and the best life possible!!! Thanks to the SPCA for all they do!!
12/03/2013 Elan Phillips $20.00 Stay strong little fella, all the best for Your future that awaits...
12/03/2013 K & M Eddy $55.00 Get well Charlie!
12/03/2013 Alicez $50.00
12/03/2013 LKS $100.00
12/03/2013 Sarah $20.00
12/03/2013 Mustill Family $50.00 Thank you to to wonderful staff & work you all do at the SPCA & good luck to Charlie.
12/03/2013 Aimee $50.00
12/03/2013 P $100.00 Big love & health to little Charlie.
12/03/2013 Mei $200.00
11/03/2013 Alexis $20.00 Charlie is so cute, please pass on some cuddles from me!
11/03/2013 Ruth Ayling $100.00 Love to Charlie and those like him
11/03/2013 Joanna $100.00 I prefer to donate rather than buy the Entertainment book. This way, all the money goes to the animals or animal concerned.
11/03/2013 joni $20.00
11/03/2013 McDonald Vague $100.00
10/03/2013 Sarah & Josh $20.00 Hoping Charlie recovers quickly from his flu
10/03/2013 Cheryl Leddie $50.00 I find these situations heartbreaking. Good luck Charlie boy . Big hugs
09/03/2013 Harumi $30.00 hope get well soon!
08/03/2013 Fanny & Francois $120.00 Wish we could help way more - for Charlie and all the others. With all our heart
08/03/2013 Srisook $55.00 For medication you need, I hope you get well soon Charlie!
07/03/2013 Jackie $20.00
07/03/2013 Robyn Allen $20.00 What a gorgeous boy - wish I could take him home. Cannot afford to donate much but hope this helps to get him well. Loves and cuddles to Charlie
07/03/2013 Michelle $20.00
06/03/2013 Caro Williams $50.00 Get well soon Charlie
06/03/2013 Abby and Nicole $50.00 Get better soon!
05/03/2013 Lacey $50.00 I can't take all you little treasures into my home, but I can help give you a better start to life and show my appreciation to all the satff and the amazing work they do.
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