SPCA Auckland

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What we do

Our mission is to encourage the humane treatment of all animals and to prevent cruelty being inflicted upon them.
We do everything we can to ensure that all animals in the Auckland region – from Wellsford to Port Waikato – are being looked after. We want everyone in our area to know how to look after their animals and give them the love and respect they deserve.

A big part of our work is helping animal owners to abide by the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

This means rescuing animals in trouble and providing medical care, love, and shelter for the animals at the SPCA Auckland Animal Village in Mangere.

It means our Inspectors and Education Team working in Auckland’s different communities teaching people how to look after their animals.

And sometimes it means prosecuting people who deliberately harm animals and working with offenders to ensure that it does not happen again.

First and foremost we are here for the animals, but we are also here for you, the community of Auckland.
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