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SPCA Auckland education programmes teach compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals, and help people to recognise that all creatures matter, not just those we regard as cute, friendly, or economically beneficial.

Why educate?

Education gives us a way to encourage the humane treatment of all animals through interaction, sharing information, stories, and fun activities. We believe that through education we will help to improve the lives of animals in our homes and communities today and for generations to come.

SPCA Auckland education programmes allow us to engage with people of all ages and share with them the key messages of animal welfare. We encourage others to realise that we share our planet, our communities and our homes with animals and lead people from a human-centred view of the world towards one that includes empathy and respect for all life.


SPCA Auckland is currently conducting a review of our education programs. We will therefore not be conducting our school visit or school holiday programs this term.

Apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.

5 Freedoms

The 5 Freedoms are a a set of internationally-recognised animal welfare standards. They outline what we, as animal owners and carers, must provide. View the 5 Freedoms here.

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