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Adopting an animal from SPCA Auckland

Do you have room in your life for a special companion? At SPCA Auckland we work hard to ensure that all healthy animals coming into our care are offered the chance to be placed in loving new homes.
Our aim is to match the right animal with the right family so that the adoption is a permanent and successful. With this in mind, we take time to find out a little about you, your lifestyle, your property, and your experience with animals. This is especially the case with adoption of puppies and dogs.

Before an animal is put up for adoption they go through a thorough health check, they are microchipped, vaccinated, and temperament tested. Some small animals such as rats and guinea pigs and larger animals such as horses are not microchipped.

Here at SPCA Auckland we do not sell our animals. We do, however, ask for assistance to partially recover the costs of rescue, rehabilitation, and healthcare.

Adoption Prices

 Kitten (up to 6 months)  $160
 Cat (6 months – 7 years)  $105
 Senior Cat (over 7 years)  $55
 Puppy (up to 6 months)    $275
 Dog (6 months - 7 years) 
 Senior Dog (over 7 years)
 Rabbit  $55
 Guinea Pig
 Other Small Animals
 Price on Application
 Farm Animals
 Price on Application