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Dog Personalities

It is important to understand that each dog has its own personality.  Some dogs need a lot of interaction and exercise, while others like a quiet environment where they can chill out. When you are thinking about adopting a dog, you need to take the time to find the right personality for you and your lifestyle.  To make it eaiser we give each dog a personality type, and this will help you when choosing your new companion.
Constant Companion
–    I am a “petting junkie”, I was born to cuddle.
–    You can take me anywhere with you, but I’ll be unhappy if I must go for long periods without your company.
–    I am snuggly and affectionate, but you’ll need to be able to tolerate lots of nudging and demands for attention.
–    If ignored, I may bark at you or paw at you.
–    Please don’t choose me if you need a dog who can stay outside alone for many hours each day.

Couch Potato
–    I need some exercise, but will be happy to spend much of my day napping in a sunny spot.
–    If you like to come home after a hard day at work and “veg-out” in front of the TV, then I’m the dog for you.
–    Please don’t choose me if you want a jogging buddy or a dog who runs and gets stuff.

Senior Citizen
–    I may be getting on in years, but I still enjoy my daily walks – with plenty of napping in between of course!
–    These are my ‘golden years’ and I’m looking forward to spending them relaxing with you.
–    If you’ve got my favourite treat I’m sure you’ll be able to teach this old dog some new tricks.
–    Please don’t choose me if you’re after a high energy companion.

–    I love everybody and live to be loved and admired by as many people as possible.
–    If you have a house with lots of visitors, I’d love to be your “welcome waggin’”.
–    I can help you make new friends, but please don’t choose me if you already have lots of friends who don’t like dogs!

–    I’m kind of shy and will need someone with patience to help me learn to be more outgoing.
–    If you have a noisy, active household, I probably won’t feel very safe there.
–    I will be loyal and affectionate with you, but may never be really friendly with new people.
–    Please don’t choose me if you want a dog who loves everyone.

Independent Soul
–    I would love to be your buddy, but please don’t expect any mushy stuff.
–    Obedience training is a must for me, but I have my own agenda, so pleasing you is not at the top of my list.
–    I’m happy spending time alone and I have lots of personality, but I also have my dignity, so don’t choose me if you’re the lovey-dovey type.

–    I would like to see the world – running, biking, roller-blading – I’m ready to go!
–    A sturdy fence is a must, but you’ll have to keep me busy as well – otherwise that fence will just be a challenge for me to find a way over.
–    I’d love to share your active life, but if you’d rather spend time in places that I’m not allowed to go, please don’t choose me.

–    I’m one of those dogs that just loves to do everything – running, playing, or just hanging out with you, my new best mate.
–    Eager to please, I’m sure to be ‘Top Dog’ at obedience training – in your eyes anyway.
–    I’ll become a member of the family, so please don’t choose me if you don’t have the time to treat me as one.

Energizer Bunny
–    Play with me, play with me, play with me! I never get tired!
–    If you like frisbees, balls, sticks or other fun toys, then I’m the dog for you.
–    I would LOVE to do obedience and learn tricks – I’ll try my hardest to please you.
–    If you like to sit on the couch and watch TV, please don’t choose me.

Bright Spark
–    I am loyal and loving.
–    I have a tendency to want to take charge; obedience training is important for me, so I can learn to let you be my leader.
–    I’d be happiest as part of your family – I’m not suited as an outside only dog.
–    Don’t choose me if you’re the lenient type – I’ll walk all over you.

–    I am still a baby – cuddly and cute – but like any baby, I need lots of time and attention.
–    I can’t stay home alone for more than a few hours (at least not for a few more months).
–    I will probably chew up something you really love and pee or poop somewhere I shouldn’t – until you teach me not to.
–    Please don’t choose me unless you have plenty of time to teach me to be a good dog.

Court Jester
–    I love to tumble and play, and enjoy being the centre of attention.
–    Always keen to joke around, I may need some encouragement taking my obedience training seriously.
–    Tricks are my middle name – spend time teaching me and I’ll be happy to put on a show.
–    If you’re after a fun-filled time, then I’m the dog for you.

Little Rascal
–    I’m a cheeky dog who’s keen to push the boundaries where I can.
–    Clever and devious, I can pick up both good & bad habits quickly.
–    Although I can be a bit naughty at times, it’s just my way of saying ‘I love you’
–    If you’ve got a good sense of humour and keen for an adventure, then I’m the dog for you.

Gentle Giant
–    Don’t let my size deceive you, I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
–    Although I’m big and strong, train me well and I’ll obey your every word.
–    Like a bull in a china shop I may accidentally knock you over, so make sure you’ve got steady feet.
–    Please don’t choose me if you’re after a delicate dog to suit your delicate lifestyle.

Busy Body
–    Where is it?? What is it?? Can I help you with it??
–    If you are the type of person with a busy lifestyle and would like a friend to join you on your thrilling chase, then pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!!
–    If you are after a quiet laid back type of friend, it might pay to pop next door as I’d be too much for you.
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