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Sponsors and Supporters

Major Sponsors

Hill's Pet Nutrition
Hill's is a major sponsor of the SPCA, providing Hill's Science Diet food for every animal in every SPCA Centre – every day of the year! Premium nutrition provides appropriate levels of fatty acids and minerals to promote a healthy, shiny, soft coat and bright clear eyes. Hill's Science Diet ensures that the cats and dogs awaiting adoption in SPCA shelters have the special nutrition they need to have a happy and healthy new start in life. Support the SPCA by ensuring that your pets eat only the very best petfood available on the market – available for purchase at vets and SPCAs throughout NZ. 
JetPark Hotel and Conference Centre
JetPark is a major sponsor of SPCA Auckland. Conveniently located opposite SPCA Auckland, right next to the airport, it is an ideal place to stay for people visiting the SPCA from out of town. JetPark have recently launched Pet Stay accommodation so the whole family including your pets can stay together.

Our other generous supporters

Lenco, our official apparel supplier, have kindly provided all uniforms for SPCA Auckland staff. From fitting out our hospital team in scrubs, to providing our animal attendants with hard wearing, animal friendly uniforms to keeping our Inspectors warm and dry in full winter dress when they’re out on the road rescuing animals in need.  Lenco is a New Zealand owned and operated company that have been supplying quality sportswear and school wear apparel and equipment since 1975.  www.lenco.co.nz

Giltrap Prestige

The Giltrap Group has proudly partnered with SPCA Auckland by providing a Volkswagen Amarok for the use of our Inspectorate. to help raise awareness and encourage the humane treatment of all animals in Auckland.
"The Giltrap Family are animal-lovers, as are most New Zealanders, and consider this a thoroughly worthwhile cause to support.” Richard Giltrap, Joint Managing Director, Giltrap Group

Navman Wireless
Navman Wireless assists SPCA Auckland to GPS track and manage their fleet of inspectorate vehicles. SPCA Auckland are able to see the location of their vehicles at all times which is essential for the safety of the SPCA Inspectors. Navman Wireless is the leading GPS vehicle tracking solution in Australasia tracking over 40,000 vehicles. www.navmanwireless.co.nz
Pet-n-Sur have joined forces with SPCA Auckland to provide protection for your valued family pet. Pet-n-Sur is easy to buy pet protection that can help cover the surgical and medical bills for your cat or dog. By taking out a Pet N Sur plan you are also helping SPCA Auckland as a % of premiums go to support the SPCA. Check out www.petnsur.co.nz/spca
Mainfreight has supported SPCA Auckland for several years, providing transport services throughout the region.